Malabar Coast Mushroom Strain

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Originating off the Malabar Coast in India, the Malabar Coast psilocybe cubensisis strain produces a dense fruit. Even at full maturity, it’s veil stays attached. This mushroom strain does not deposit a plethora of spores hence supply will be limited.

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Malabar Coast spores are a psilocybin mushroom strain that originated in Malabar, India. This long coastline runs for over 500 miles along the southwestern coast of India. The ancient Silk Road ran along these shores, looking inland to the Indian jungles—a prime location for psilocybin mushrooms to grow naturally.

This strain is best known for its incredibly exotic appearance, potency, and strong resistance to contamination. Malabar coast psilocybin mushroom spores are a wonderful addition to any amateur microscopist’s collection, since their dark purple spores share an equally unique appearance.

In Nature, How Do Malabar Coast Mushroom Spores Mature?

It takes an expert eye and years of experience to properly identify psilocybin mushrooms in the wild—so please don’t ever take any chances! However, if you were exploring the western shores of India and you came across mature Malabar Coast mushrooms, you would immediately notice that they have a very distinct look, perhaps unlike anything you’ve seen before.

In the wild, these mushrooms have nearly flat (plane) caps with unique coloration. The Malabar shrooms caps are cinnamon-colored with circuiting spots of white throughout. The stems are usually quite long at 150mm, and show blue bruising. Microscopists or taxonomists will want to look for the properties that these spores have, such as their purple color and interesting shape, which can make for good identification practice.

Why You Should Always Shop For Authentic Psilocybin Mushroom Spores at Westland Psychedelics

Our premium spores syringes are always viable, free of contaminants, and packed with spores. Thanks to our exemplary customer service team you can order with confidence and know that you’ll receive your spore syringes promptly—and accurately. We know that getting the exact strain you ordered is important, because when you’re doing microscopic or taxonomy work, precision is key.

Our Malabar Coast magic mushroom spore strain will be ready to study the moment it arrives at your doorstep, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you’re just starting out as an amateur microscopist, this strain is recommended for beginner home scientists as it doesn’t present some of the challenges associated with more advanced strains, like APE.

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